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What's Different

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If you are looking for the difference between Helms Wealth Management and the rest of the field, this is probably it.

In addition to the advice and investment services, one of my primary responsibilities is to try to protect my clients from the financial services industry. You won't generally find a statement like that on other advisor sites. Over almost 30 years in the trenches I found a number of accepted business practices that I feel are not necessarily in my clients' best interests. That's no shock. Companies should try to make money. We just have to be careful of investment providers and their motives.

This is an ongoing collection of articles on how I see the state of play on the "street" and how it might affect investors. They aren't particularly reverent and I hope a little humor keeps them light. Please remember that these are just my personal opinions and don't reflect the views of LPL Financial or anyone else. They aren't investment recommendations either. Mainly they show how I view the investment world and try to add value for my clients. They aren't particularly time sensitive.