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Family Love Letter

This PDF is called a “Family Love Letter”.

It is an unofficial document to record your finances, intentions and history for the benefit of your family and possibly trustees, attorneys or other trusted advisors.

This is actually a scaled-down version I wrote for the needs of most of my clients. If you have extensive property, obligations, insurance, business interests or family; insert pages as you like. You can also find more specialized “Love Letters” on the web.

Update this as things change. I also recommend walking around your house with your smartphone in movie mode describing your personal possessions, their history and who should get them after you. Put that data on flash sticks and include them with Love Letter copies.

Finally; these documents are most effective when everyone works together. Consider giving your professional advisors written permission to share information with your family and each other when appropriate.

Good luck. Have fun with this and let us know how we can help.