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Helms Wealth Management, LLC

Skip Helms, President

(828) 417-9089

If you are considering Helms Wealth Management

If you are reading this, you are probably evaluating your current financial advisory situation.

I hope you will take the chance to look through the What We Do section for some of my views on the business and how we operate. The What's Different section has some views on the investment experience.

Maybe the best way to describe the practice is to describe my clients. Most of them are ten years on either side of retirement day, although that often includes parents, children and grandkids. Their most important goal is to have a comfortable, dignified retirement on their own terms. We work together closely to align assets, strategy and decisions towards that objective.

Another common feature of my clients is that they are generous. They want what they have earned to help their family or causes they support. A lot of our time is spent arranging things so the right folks get it.

People come to me when they have decided they don't want to make their own investment decisions. That conclusion comes in a variety of ways (some quite colorful). I have a moderate investment style so they don't expect a lot of trading or hot tips. Portfolios are built for client needs.

To leave you with a final thought, my clients are friends. Most of my new clients are friends and family of people I have worked with for years. We talk about what matters and they know they will get straight answers to their questions. If that is the kind of relationship you want, give me a call and let's explore the possibilities.